Episode 388

Published on:

8th Nov 2023

The 23rd Psalm: Follow Me to Soul Restoration

The 23rd Psalm: Follow Me to Soul Restoration - Ken Wetmore

The Good Shepherd knows what we need. He knows where the best food and water are for our souls. We can trust Him to keep us on the path of righteousness.

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From WholeLife Member and listener Pam Nolen; Holman Hunt’s ‘Light of the World’ painting: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hunt-light-of-the-world.jpeg#/media/File:Hunt-light-of-the-world.jpeg

BOOK (Randy): A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by W. Phillip Keller - https://a.co/d/iLwblhd

BOOK (Ken): The Good Shepherd: A Thousand-Year Journey from Psalm 23 to the New Testament by Kennth E. Bailey - https://a.co/d/friWrFT

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NEXT WEEK: 11/11/23 - The 23rd Psalm: Follow Me Through the Darkest Valley - by Ken Wetmore.

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